Summer Internship Program

XS Brokers is a leading nationwide MGA (wholesale agency) with offices up and down the East Coast. We write all lines of insurance and pride ourselves on our professionalism and service.  Since 1978, our goal has been to provide the highest level of service and underwriting expertise to our clients in the insurance industry.  As we invest in talent, we are looking to recruit, train, and retain a select few.  Our goal is to continue to develop a culture where the best people want to work and our growth over the past several years can be directly attributed to a talented and dedicated staff, an amazing list of clients, and strong partnerships with our insurance carriers.  Our hope is that during your summer internship you will begin to develop an understanding of an independent insurance wholesaler and how we creatively provide customized comprehensive solutions with our agency partners on hard-to-place insurance risks.  You will become familiar with insurance-related products and services and a consultative business approach including but not limited to; direct instruction, individual research, training, focused projects, and practical application.   You will also be exposed to On-line Insurance Learning, Department Meetings, potential Off-Site Education and In-House Education to name a few.

Open Positions

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